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Foto.Marcelo-Lerer(2013)Marcelo Lerer: Designer & Art Director
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1965, and studied art and communication there as well as in Denmark. Since 1995 he has run his own company, in Barcelona and Copenhagen respectively, working with design and art directions for editorial houses, record companies, design groups, government institutions and more. His expertise includes visual communication, creative idea development and trend spotting. He has directed the two short films On Seduction and Alberto Gonzales – a bus driver from Buenos Aires.

Marcelo’s creative vision is design thinking as a totality where form and function – aesthetics, experience and meaning are integral to each other. Design can thus be an experience involving all senses and working the fibres of social and antropological  situations. For this comprehensive design vision “Social Design”.


Both and artist and graphic communicator. His artistic production is a crossover between art and design taking on formats such as books, digital collages, photography, secret tours, workshops curating exibitions and performances.

One of Lerer’s in his art work focuses has been an ongoing research into utopian dreams of harmony. In one series of work Lerer has collected secret stories and secret places of people and thus following in the footsteps of people’s secret and intimate places Lerer has created an alternative, poetic urban mapping of peripheral and, to many, unknown areas of a city.



Independent Designer, more than  years of design & project management in design.
Experience in Graphic design, experience design, web, art direction and project management .


Ministry of Culture, Børnehjertefonden, Adax, publisher Lindhardt and Ringhof, Gyldendal, Ibis,
Danish Design Centre, EMI Records, Copenhagen municipality Danø Moller Orthopaedic Surgery, Nomeco, Gøglerskolen / AFUK, Valby district, the Association for the integration of immigrants in the labor market, Bitton design,  and more.


• 2016 Online Marketing (KEA) Bigum&co.
• 2014 Innovative Project (ucc) Camp Future
• 1993-94 RUC Communications, projects on nonverbal and intercultural communication.
• 1984-88 Communication Studies / Buenos Aires University. Thesis in semiotics and linguistics.
• 1983 Graphic design / Escuela Panamericana de Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


• Spanish: Mother tongue
• Danish: Fluent
• English: Fluent
• French, Italian Portuguese: Good knowledge
• Hebrew: Knowledge


• Adobe package Super User
• Office Package Super User
• Mac Super User


CKI, Christian Have, Ministry of Culture, Børnehjertefonden, Adax, publisher Lindhardt and
Ringhof, Gyldendal, Ibis, the Danish Design Center, EMI Records, Copenhagen municipality
Danø Moller Orthopedic Surgery, Nomeco, Gøglerskolen / AFUK, Valby district, the Association
for the integration of immigrants the labor market, Bitton design,


Art Projects


My world STORIES ( Min Verdens Historie)

STORIES of CHILDREN During spring 2015, a caravan be parked at a number of schools in different neighborhoods in Copenhagen


Secret Stories

collecting secret stories from students at Sønderbroskolen

In Copenhagen I have at home

From caravan method collected stories from locals in various districts in collaboration with ten
theater companies as the background premiering works.


Smukificering of town Fences on Sønderboulevard

Execution of 20 m mural in sweetens Boulevard in agreement with the Metro Company, in collaboration with Sesse Kristensen and Ania Arturo Nørgaard.

Secret Stories
collecting secret stories of student of Rysensteen Gymnasium

We Pray for You

Exhibition in Gallery Sonne of joint works with Sesse Kristensen. Collages printed on wood all of which involve
thoughts and feelings about the topic ‘religion’.
We pray for you has also been exhibited at:
Restaurant Il Ro & Taste


Generous Gestures

Joint exhibition at the Frie exibition center



HEART Herning Museum of Art

Litteraturhaus, Copenhagen

2007 -2008

Metropolis Laboratory

Serching secret stories (story collection m / caravan method in Copenhagen and Bucharest)


Site specific solo festival on the city’s hidden, forgotten, familiar and unfamiliar places


The secret book about secret places
11 artists giving away their secret places in Copenhagen



“On Seduction” 

“Alberto Gonzales – a Bus Driver from Buenos Aires”


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