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My world

STORIES of CHILDRENDuring spring 2015, a caravan be parked at a number of schools in different neighborhoods in Copenhagen
  1.  Blågård School
  2.  Ellebjerg School
  3.  Langelinje School
  4. Amager Common School


    In the caravan sits Argentine artist Marcelo Lerer in the company of one of his asistensts; Maja or Julie. The caravan will be visiting each of the selected schools for two weeks. The first week, students in ear- ly adolescence be invited in one at a time in the caravan intimate space where they can tell a story from their life or their life. In the caravan you can tell just what comes to mind and what you have to say. Students will be met with listening ears that do not judge, decide – but just listening, being attentive and empathetic.
    In the second week all students will again be invited into the caravan to an editing process of the recorded sound file with their history, where they must help selecting a shorter part of the story.

    In conclusion, Marcelo Lerer assemble all the pupils stories from each school, which interested parties can listen to the caravan that will serve as a sound installation in the district.


    Young people are born into a world where feelings, thoughts and ideas boil down to what can be conveyed in 7 seconds snap chat or what will get the most likes on Facebook. We have never had greater opportunities to communicate with the outside world and still feel many young people lack substance and depth in their relationship with their surroundings. Can art help us here?



    Will we have insight into the ideas that are important to our young citizens, we must gain their confidence and talk to them. Really talk to them. And involve them. The Argentine-born artist Marcelo Lerer from The Secret Company is the man behind the so-called caravan method he has developed in order to create space for openness and contemplation form the basis of artistic communication to the outside world. In all its simplicity, the method is that the participants are invited to share personal stories, thoughts and attitudes in the framework of presence, confidence and not least presence as Lerer creates in his cozy little caravan. It is then processed stories through a learning and appreciative process to an artistic communication.

    The students’ own work of art
    The method is thoroughly tested and has proven useful relation. Several different contexts and audiences and the project My history of the world, the students of lower secondary education in five Copenhagen schools be co-producers of an artistic sound installation. With caravan method as a starting point they will be active participants in all three project phases:


    The caravans are all stories welcome. The small everyday stories that tell about us as a people and the major events that have helped to shape us. In the caravan, we listen. It is a comfortable space where you can tell candidly without interruption, and we are not afraid of moments of silence.

    2.The artistic process:

    Students are invited into the caravan again to review their own history, that has been recorded. In this way the student in collaboration with Marcelo select parts of the story to be included in a major work in the form of a sound installation.

3. Exhibition:

Soundinstalation with the total stories from each school will be exhibited in the caravan in the same district as the school in which they have been collected.The project will conclude with an exhibition of campingvogenen on VerdensKulturCentret in Nørrebro, where all the selected stories are collected in one long sound installation.
Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation – World Cultural & Intercultural Center, Aaben Skole, Nørrebro lokaludvalg





13. – 17. April 24. – 26. april  11. – 15. maj 18. – 22. maj

Karens Minde

48 timer festival

Islands Brygge



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