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The T-project

View Post T-The T-project is a project of Yunnan Danyun Fair Trade Development Co. Ide development, art direction / Design  ...

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14 July
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Where he comes from…

Marcelo Lerer: Designer & Art Director Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1965, and studied art and communication there as well as in Denmark. Since 1995 he has run his own company, in Barcelona and Copenhagen respectively, working with design and art directions for editorial houses, record...

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06 February
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Solemn Calendar

We pray for you Exibitions & the Solemn calender „Visible existence is essential. But when it comes to religion, it is private. Or is it? Marcelo Lerer questions this city of wonders this by comparing like world religions in various public spaces. In a world where everything...

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05 August