Secrets from the caravan

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The Stories of a higthschool

When the students arrived for classes Monday morning February 20th at Rysensteen Gymnasium, they found a caravan parked in the middle of the schoolyard. Inside the caravan project maker and artist Marcelo Lerer sat ready, to collect secret stories from the student on the spot. Fragments of the stories, together with photographs from the many visits by the students, form the basis of the collages now decorating the school’s new premises on Flæsketorvet.
Rysensteen Gymnasium has in the late years grown from 400 students, to now being about 800. The school has therefore been forced to break up the previous intimate settings in the old building at Tietgensgade and expand into their new premises on Flæsketorvet. The collection of the student’s secret stories is intended to carry over the spirit from the original part of the school, into the new premises.
Behind the caravan is Marcelo Lerer and The Secret Company, who work in the field between art, design and communication. In contrast to ordinary interviews the caravan establish an in between space, a free space in which people are invited to tell their secret stories. The method has previously been used as a democratic research tool in different circumstances: corporate settings, user driven innovation, citizen involvement, and art projects.

But what happens inside caravan, yes see it is a secret.

Rysensteen Gymnasium – Flæsketorvet 60 – 3 flor Atelier



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