We pray for you

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We Pray For You

Is proposing spiritual and religious freedom and tolerance as a possibility within our global community. In a series of digital collages Lerer plays with displacing the religious practice of prayer from its original context and hence we witness Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist practitioners praying together for example in a derelict building in New York, on a square in Barcelona or at the Parliament building in Copenhagen. The collages have been shown in various contexts; printed on wood or in Lerer’s intercultural calendar where the holidays of the 5 major world religions are integrated.

  • 2010: Art Penetrations 5: Real Immigrants by Colonel, Herning Museum of Art
  • 2010: We Pray for You, solo show at Litteraturhaus, Copenhagen
  • 2011: February GENEROUS GESTURES colective show at DEN FRIE CENTRE OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Copenhagen
  • 2011 : 1 September. One dag Exibition ” From prejudice to respect” In Gammeltorv/Nytorv   with Jacob Holdt, Ahmed Krauser & Marcelo Lerer
  • 2012: Ro & Smag. 

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