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I collect stories – in order to pass them on I enjoy working in the challenging crossover between art, communication and design. Experience has shown us that these areas merge and have a highly fruitful synergic effect on each other.

I develop books with stories from people and places. I create brands, platforms of communication, company identities, secret tours, exhibitions, websites, magazines, events, experiences etc. Our art projects are concentrated on stories, meetings, integration, culture and nature.

I believe that it is of vital importance to create forums where people can meet each other and tell stories. Through such an exchange we get to know each other – and the very act of sharing stories creates understanding and insight. Diversity is reality, and diversity is beautiful.Our customers are private companies, NGO´s and public companies. And we co-operate closely with photographers, researchers, artists, printers, translators, website programmers,

Research, analysis, strategies, text, photos, movies and graphics are elements in our work. When a company wishes to communicate authentically, the communication must be based on deeper insights than the ones you can clearly see. This is the process we facilitate. Strong ideas, project management, movies and creative, visual workshops will help us on the way.

Whether I create a company identity, a piece of art, a website, or a secret tour, “The Four-Phased Funnel method” will always be the jumping-off point:
I collect – words, pictures, thoughts…anything
I work up the material
I develop solutions and plans
I create and design – and celebrate.
Together with customers and collaborators we move from insights to ideas to concepts and communication.
I see diversity as a major and important resource, greatly valuing the individual contributions that each of us can make via our particular background, personality and capacities.

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