A caravan in the schoolyard

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“It ‘s a great way to give children an understanding that they have a history , and that they make history . “

The Schole teacher

“I think it’s been really cool to be here , because you can talk about many different things , and then you can talk about things. ”

The Pupil

“I think it is valuable for individuals to share her story and gain access to a safe space with this man who is genuinely interested in hearing what is happening inside them. I think it is very liberating and can corroborate them. “

The anthropologist

“What I think is great about this project is that it just takes the individual student’s history seriously”
” The possibilities inherent in the project here is to hopefully become aware of literature in a new way – storytelling in general – and that includes a history itself. ”

The teacher

“Many of the things we want in the classroom , which you can do here – such differentiation teaching – that’s per pupil here , that’s my story , we work with. ”

The head teacher

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